Portfolio Selection

Example of typical eligible projects include:

  • Greenfield Renewable Energy Generation (e.g. solar, wind, geothermal and ocean power);
  • Demand-side Brownfield and Greenfield Energy Efficiency (e.g. energy efficiency improvements in lighting and equipment; retrofit of transmission lines, substations or distribution systems to reduce technical losses);
  • Vehicle energy efficiency fleet retrofit or urban transport modal change;
  • Biosphere conservation projects (reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation of ecosystems);
  • Solid Waste Management (e.g. incineration of waste, landfill gas capture and landfill gas combustion);
  • Industrial Processes (reduce GHG emissions from industrial processes improvements and cleaner production);
  • Fugitive emissions and carbon capture (e.g. carbon capture and storage, reduction of gas flaring or methane fugitive emissions in the oil and gas industry, coal mine methane capture);
  • Urban Development (e.g. rehabilitation and upgrade of urban water drainage systems in areas vulnerable to frequency and/or severity of flash floods and storm surges brought by climate change);
  • Water Supply and Access (e.g. water saving measures such as introduction of less water intensive crops or preservation of soil moisture and fertility).

List of eligible projects in the Green Bond Portfolio

Name of project Country ADB finance (USD) Green bond allocation as of 31 October 2016 (in USD million)
Railway Infrastructure Reinforcement Project Morocco 112 24
Farm Income Enhancement and Forestry Conservation Programme - Project 2 Uganda 77 1.14
Mahe Sustainable Water Augmentation project Seychelles 21 0.2
Uganda Rural Electricity Access Project Uganda 100 0.2
Dar Es Salam Bus Project Tanzania 97 0.3
Transnet rail South Africa 216 216
Ouarzazate Solar Complex Project - Phase II( NOORo II and NOORo III power plants) Morocco 112 60
Xina Solar One Project South Africa 63 36
Lake Turkana Wind Power Project Kenya 128 71
Ouarzazate Solar Power Station Project - Phase I  (NOORo 1 power plant) Morocco 112 112
ONEE Integrated Wind/Hydro and Rural Electrification Programme Morocco 401 135
Ithezi-Tezhi Power Project Zambia 35 35
Project to improve the Quality of Treated Water Tunisia 36 10
Rift Valley  railways Project Multinational    
Eskom Renewable Energy Project - Sere Wind Facility South Africa 45 9
Eskom Renewable Energy Project - Upington CSTP South Africa 220 0
Kivuwatt Project Rwanda 25 25
en/news-and-events/article/afdb-and-eib-finalise-financing-agreement-for-cape-verde-wind-farm-7607/Cabeólica Wind Power Project Cape Verde 16 16
Gabal El-Asfar Wastewater Treatment Plant - Stage II, Phase II Project Egypt 60 23
The Electricity Distribution Networks Rehabilitation and Restructuring Project Tunisia 53 46
Power Transmission and Distribution Development Project Morocco 123 68
The National Irrigation Water Saving Programme Support Project (PAPNEEI) Morocco 60 42