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The Bank’s Strategy for 2013-2022 aims to improve the quality of Africa’s growth and is built around two objectives. The first is to achieve growth that is more inclusive, leading not just to equality of treatment and opportunity but to deep reductions in poverty and a correspondingly large increase in jobs. The second objective is to ensure that inclusive growth is sustainable, by helping Africa gradually transition to “green growth” that will protect livelihoods, improve water, energy and food security,  promote the sustainable use of natural resources and spur innovation, job creation and economic development. Priorities in reaching green growth include building resilience to climate shocks, providing sustainable infrastructure, creating ecosystem services and making efficient and sustainable use of natural  resources (particularly water, which is central to growth but most affected by climate change).

Green Bonds

The AfDB Green Bond program facilitates the achievement of the Bank’s corporate priority of green growth through the financing of eligible climate change projects. Investors can make a difference with their investment by financing climate change solutions through AfDB’s Green Bonds.

An amount equal to the net proceeds of AfDB’s Green Bonds are initially allocated to a sub-portfolio within the Treasury’s liquidity portfolio. As and when eligible projects begin to disburse, Green Bond proceeds in the liquidity portfolio are then allocated to the loan pools containing the disbursing green projects.