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Information Centre for the Extractives Sector

Information Centre for the Extractives Sector

Extractives (oil, gas and mining) are going to be highly important in Kenya’s future. The Information Centre for the Extractives Sector, hosted by the African Development Bank, is a neutral information centre that aims to:

  • Inform those affected about developments and activities in Kenya’s extractives sector
  • Connect actors in the sector, including Kenya’s citizens
  • Transform the dialogue and perceptions around the extractives sector

ICES is a multi-sector public platform that addresses concerns around the extractives sector by promoting knowledge, transparency and evidence-based stakeholder dialogue on the extractives sector in Kenya. This website provides the latest extractives news, editorials from experts and commentators, information about extractives sector events, and hosts a resource centre containing a large and diverse selection of useful readings on the subject.

The objective of ICES is to help Kenya avoid the pitfalls so often associated with an abundance of natural resources in the developing world. A major priority for all stakeholders is ensuring good governance, transparency and accountability in the emerging Kenyan extractives sector.  However, as expressed by many of the parties involved, to date there has been a shortage of reliable information, resulting in lack of understanding about developments in the country’s extractives industry.

ICES will provide relevant and credible information on Kenya’s developing extractives sector to all: citizens, investors, civil society organizations, the Kenyan Government, and other stakeholders. It aims to become a credible and relevant source of information on the extractives sector in Kenya, and to promote sustainable development of the sector through collecting and sharing information. ICES also aims to facilitate and enhance informed policy debate, and therefore support inclusivity, equity and transparency in all aspects of Kenya’s extractives sector.  ICES will hold events such as panel discussions and workshops, and engage in other activities that will help build capacity and cooperation amongst the industry’s stakeholders.


The newly burgeoning extractives sector will affect everyone in Kenya: the government; potential and existing oil, gas, and mining companies; local communities in the areas where extractives activities take place; and the general Kenyan public.

The sector currently contributes just 1% to Kenya’s GDP, and, in terms of total export revenues, less than 3%. However, this contribution is set to grow significantly: estimates suggest the sector may grow to 10% of GDP.

Extractives can mean big money and big stakes. The discovery of natural resources in any country has the capacity to bring about unprecedented economic and social development. But in many parts of the developing world, the existence of large oil, gas and mineral deposits is associated with environmental damage, poorly managed public revenues, unclear legal and policy frameworks, and community disillusionment and conflict.

So how does Kenya and the extractives sector capitalise on this in a way that is attractive and profitable to investors – but also provides equitable socio-economic benefits to Kenyans, both at a community and national level?

The success of current and future extractives initiatives in Kenya will rely heavily on the actions of, and relationships between, government, industry and society at large. Information sharing is a key first step in developing these relationships.

Funding Partners

Bilateral donors are interested in promoting the free flow of information in a bid to promote transparency, communication and governance. However, setting up a properly resourced Information Centre is time consuming and costly. The African Development Bank, which has a strong track record as convener, facilitator, and knowledge broker, will work with bilateral partners and UNDP to fund and manage the Information Centre.

ICES is hosted by the African Development Bank. Support is provided by the governments of Canada and the United Kingdom, and by UNDP.

Information Centre for the Extractives Sector

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