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Australian Government

The Australian Government mining program in Africa is focused on developing institutional capacity. It is aimed at supporting a transparent, equitable and sustainable mineral sector which supports broad-based economic growth. Our program is centered on sharing Australia’s experience of mining underpinning industrial and regional development, including of remote indigenous communities. We are encouraging Kenya and other African countries to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and access its technical support (for which Australia is the major donor).
For Kenya, our support includes:

  1. Mining Scholarships: Australia awarded three Masters-level scholarships in mining to Kenyans in 2011. The 2012-13 Round of scholarships and short course awards are currently open and Kenya has been encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities on offer.  
  2. Study tours: Fourteen Kenyan officials participated in Australian-funded mining study tours in 2011 and 2012.3.
  3. Australia implemented a pilot activity focusing on Mining for Development Vocational Training and Secondment for Infrastructure Planning. The purpose of the 18-month pilot activity was to deliver a vocational learning program for key financial and technical professionals in local service agencies from a range of countries, including Kenya. The project aimed at achieving a substantial improvement in the quality of project preparation for mining-related infrastructure projects. Consultations with key sector stakeholders in Kenya were conducted by the Australian Reconnaissance Team
  4. Consultations with the teams from Transparency International and the African Development Bank may lead to further Australian support to the Kenyan Government’s policy and regulatory framework for mining through either of these organizations.

Australian education institutions with expertise and academic programs in mining are investigating options for cooperation with Kenyan counterparts.  

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