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Middle Income Countries

The Bank Group’s MTS emphasizes deeper engagement with middle-income countries (MICs), by positioning the institution as their preferred development partner. In this respect, the Bank has developed effective linkages between public/private operations, as well as competitive lending products, backed by high-value knowledge and advisory services.

Sectoral Distribution of Bank Group Lending to MICs, 2011

Approvals in 2011 for operations in MICs (excluding multinational projects and programs) amounted to UA 1.59 billion, which is a decrease of 15.4 percent from the 2010 level, shows the sectoral distribution, with infrastructure receiving the largest share (45.2 percent).

Geographic Distribution of Bank Group Lending to MICs, 2011

The geographic distribution of Bank Group approvals to MICs in 2011 shows North Africa as the principal beneficiary of non-concessionary lending followed by Southern Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, and East Africa. 

Bank Group Lending to MICs by Financing Instrument, 2011

In terms of financing instruments to MICs, project lending (for both public and private sectors) continued to predominate in 2011, followed by policy-based operations. MIC grants remained at almost the same level in 2011 as in the previous year.

A new feature of the financing in 2011 was the increased use of Special Funds.