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Multi-Partner Somalia Infrastructure Fund (SIF)


Context and objective

Approved in October 2016, the Somalia Infrastructure Fund (SIF) is one of the financing windows under the Somalia Development and Reconstruction Facility (SDRF) of the New Deal COMPACT for Somalia. 
The Fund’s goal is to support and accelerate Somalia’s inclusive and sustainable economic recovery, peace and state building within the context of AfDB’s Strategy for Addressing Fragility and Building Resilience in Africa. The focus of the SIF is the rehabilitation and development of infrastructure, and related skills development and institutional capacity building. The Fund takes advantage of the Bank’s existing Transition Support Facility to mobilize resources. 

SIF governance and administration

The SIF is governed through the SDRF governance structure as set out in the Somali Compact. The SDRF three-tiered structure comprises of the:

  • High-Level Partnership Forum – This is the main platform for dialogue and policy discussion on Compact implementation and serves as a central mechanism for strategic coordination and information-sharing.
  • SDRF Steering Committee - Provides general oversight and guidance for National Development Plan (NDP) implementation, based on progress reports from the Pillar working groups. It also endorses the programs and project of the three SDRF funds.
  • Pillar Working Groups - Promote sector-level coordination in alignment with the priorities of the NDP; knowledge sharing and policy coherence; and collective monitoring and reporting of progress.

The SIF is managed and administered by the AfDB through a management unit based in the Bank’s Kenya offices. This unit will be staffed with experts to ensure that infrastructure projects are prepared and designed appropriately, and delivered and monitored effectively.

Key highlights

During the period 2014-16, Infrastructure Needs Assessments were completed in the Transport, Energy, Water and Sanitation, and ICT sectors, which helped to build a pipeline of projects for the SIF.

This pipeline of projects, and its initial two projects, were approved by the SDRF Steering Committee in November 2016. These projects were subsequently approved by the Bank’s Board in December 2016, and are valued at US$ 19 million, of which US$ 17.2 million is from the Bank’s own resources.

The fund’s Operations Manual is currently being finalised. 

Donors and resource mobilisation

About US$ 13.7 million has been committed by three donors, of which US$ 3.7 million has been paid in.

The Bank will continue to set aside resources for Somalia from internal sources and internally managed trust funds. These resources are expected to finance or co-finance about US$ 40 million worth of projects in the SIF pipeline over the next three years. 

Conversations regarding potential contributions are ongoing with the EU and the NEPAD-IPPF (Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility)

The SIF has received US$ 262,900 from the Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC) trust fund for a feasibility study to establish a Somali Electrification Agency; and US$ 77,650 from the Nigeria Technical Cooperation Fund (NTCF) to undertake a study to prepare a project to refurbish vocational training centre(s) in Somalia. Both KOAFEC and NTCF are trust funds managed by the Bank.


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  • Gabriel Negatu, Director General 
  • Nnenna Nwabufo, Deputy Director General