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2017 STAARS Technical workshop

On December 11 and 12, 2017, the headquarters of the African Development Bank hosted a workshop dedicated to the STAARS project. Co-organized by the Bank and Cornell University in the United States, the workshop brought together a large STAARS community, composed of researchers, specialists and other practitioners, in addition to policy makers, who came to discuss recent developments in the field of agricultural research in Africa and analyze how these could inspire the policies at work in agriculture. This workshop is part of the DNA of the STAARS project, which aims to improve the production and dissemination of agricultural knowledge in Africa.

Concept note of the STAARS Workshop         Programme of the workshop

Highlights of the STAARS Workshop
Interviews of participants to the STAARS Workshop

Expected outcomes of the technical workshop

The expected outcomes from the STAARS technical workshop include, inter alia:

  • Dissemination of new evidence and knowledge generated through the STAARS project on progress, opportunities, and challenges of transforming Africa’s agriculture,
  • Practical policy recommendations and dialogue on Africa’s agricultural transformation,
  • Discussion of progress and success-stories on agricultural transformation in Africa,
  • Enhanced awareness of participants on the role of agriculture in Africa’s development and structural transformation,
  • Capacity building of emerging African researchers working in the agricultural sector and forging alliances with practitioners and experienced researchers in the field,
  • Increased visibility of the STAARS project and the Bank’s effort in transforming the agricultural sector in Africa.

Pictures of the STAARS Workshop

Pictures of the STAARS Workshop

STAARS Workshop, 11-12 December 2017