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Strategic Partnership with Africa

The African Development Bank is engaged in the Strategic Partnership with Africa (SPA), which is a voluntary group of senior policy-makers at the technical level from African and donor countries. The SPA discusses emerging issues within the international aid architecture. Besides co-hosting the SPA Plenary meeting in Tunis from February 21-22, 2008, the Bank is currently working on studying capacity building on aid effectiveness in nine case studies in African countries (Ghana, Mali, Mauritania, Gabon, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zambia).

These nine countries have been selected to capture different challenges faced by the continent, ranging from conflict sensitive countries to African countries that successfully manage aid. As such, it is clear that the SPA has been instrumental in fostering the implementation of the Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness by demonstrating the effectiveness of budget support combined with capacity building. It is within this context that the nine-country case studies will strengthen the African voice within the SPA initiative.

The SPA was created in 1987 when Africa was going through economic reforms and the international community saw the need to mobilize additional quick-disbursing resources to support countries undertaking structural adjustment reforms. Since then, the SPA agenda has moved from an emphasis on support for economic reform programs to improving the coordination and effectiveness of aid between donors and recipient countries.


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