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About ZimFund

In 2010, a group of donors, in a bid to support priority recovery activities of the Government of Zimbabwe, decided to create the Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund (the ZimFund), as a successor to the Zimbabwe Programmatic Multi-Donor Trust Fund (Zim-MDTF). The African Development Bank (AfDB) was designated to manage the ZimFund with endorsement of the Government, the donor community and the United Nations. This was at their subsequent meetings in Harare and Washington in 2010.


The ZimFund was established on t May 31, 2010, following approval by the Boards of Directors of the African Development Bank Group of recommendations contained in a document entitled “Establishment of a Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Zimbabwe”. Negotiations between the Bank and donors on the modalities to establish the Fund were concluded in July 2010.

Purpose of the ZimFund

The purpose of the ZimFund is to contribute to early recovery and development efforts in Zimbabwe by mobilizing donor resources and promoting donor coordination in Zimbabwe, so as to channel financial assistance to such efforts. The thematic scope of the ZimFund initially focuses on infrastructure investments in water and sanitation, as well as in energy.   

Size of the ZimFund

The size of the Fund is determined by the willingness of development partners to contribute to it over time. To date, donors’ commitments to the ZimFund, in various currencies, add up to an equivalent of USD 144.5 million, out of which an actual amount of about USD 140.80 million has been released to the Fund’s account as at end November 2015.  In line with ZimFund objectives, the amount mobilised has been allocated to finance the Urgent Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project (UWSSRP) and Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (EPIRP). The table below shows the cumulative amounts disbursed by the Fund’s donors as at November 30, 2015.

Contribution into ZimFund as at November 30, 2015


Amounts Received (USD)













United Kingdom




Governance structure

The Fund has a one-tier governance structure: a Program Oversight Committee (POC) supported by an MDTF Management Unit (MMU).  Membership includes representatives from government and contributing development partners (on a rotational basis).  It is co-chaired by a government representative and a donor representative.

The POC provides overall strategic direction to the Fund, and oversees its implementation. The POC meets on a quarterly basis or as often as required, and receives reports on resource mobilisation and activities supported by the ZimFund from the MMU. All ZimFund supported activities are consistent with the government’s recovery and development programs, and have a pro-poor focus.