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Agriculture for a better life

"Agriculture for a better life" is a perfect illustration of how concrete and palpable our agriculture and agribusiness projects can be.

It also shows the multiplying effect of our projects, which are designed to create synergies and opportunities.

This book is about the impact of our projects on people, and how they are transforming lives. It is full of illustration, and testimony.

Based on true stories, this book describes some of our efforts to implement inclusive growth projects, a growth that creates opportunities for all.

This book is part of a four-part series, "For a Better Life", which brings a vibrant and optimistic message on Africa's prospects. From agriculture to human development, from water and sanitation to governance and financial and economic reforms, these books tell the stories of men and women who were able to take their destiny into their own hands.

These four areas - in which the African Development Bank's active portfolio stands at about USD 10 billion - play a crucial role in achieving its twin objectives of promoting inclusive growth and supporting the transition to green growth.

This book offers some emerging success stories from a sample of the Bank's interventions. It shows how our projects are improving people's live across different countries.

The Watershed Management Project in Cabo Verde, the Rural Enterprise Project in Ghana, the Trans-boundary Animal Disease Control Project in Zambia and "One Family, One Cow" project in Rwanda are true reflections of how the AfDB's modest but positive interventions in agriculture are touching the lives of people and helping them to reap the dividends of development.

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12/10/2015 18:33

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