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Climate Finance Tracking at AfDB

There is wide agreement that rapid and successful deployment of international public finance is a critical first step in allowing developing countries to adapt to climate change. It is also widely recognized, in particular by developing countries, that there is a considerable need to track and report financial flows that support climate change mitigation and adaptation, to build trust and accountability with regard to climate finance commitments and to monitor trends and progress in climate-related investment. 

A comprehensive picture of the climate finance landscape is critical to this end and, ultimately, a prerequisite for ensuring the effective and productive use of available financial resources. 

Responding to this need, the AfDB developed its own climate finance tracking methodology while contributing to the development of a joint multilateral development bank methodology for the tracking of both adaptation and mitigation finance – with the AfDB leading the work on the adaptation methodology. Moreover, the AfDB has furthered the work by developing four sector-specific guidance manuals for transportwaterenergy and agriculture, additional analytical work and contributing to the OECD discussions on refining the Rio Markers.