Selected Projects

Expanding geothermal development in Kenya: a model for replication

15/09/2015 - Situation Although Kenya produces just enough power to meet its current demand for households and businesses tied to the grid, it is constantly plagued with power outages that cause not only inconveniences, but a loss of income fo...

Categories: Kenya, Energy & Power, Climate Change

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project: The largest wind farm project in Africa

17/09/2015 - The Lake Turkana wind power project involves the development and construction of a 300 MW wind farm. The project is located at a remote location, approximately 12 kilometres east of Lake Turkana in northwestern Kenya. The project ...

Categories: Kenya, Energy & Power, Climate Change

Menengai geothermal development project: Green energy in motion

03/05/2016 - Access to electricity in Kenya remains relatively limited. Only half the population has access to it, at a cost much higher than in other African economies. On top of this there is the instability of the network, with frequent bla...

Categories: Kenya, Climate Change, Energy & Power

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