Selected Projects

05/08/2013 - The African Virtual University (AVU) has established the largest distance and eLearning network in over 27 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and produced more than 40,000 graduates. It hosts 219 open educational modules ranging from mathematics and science, teacher education, and ICT skills –available free of charge in English, French and Portuguese.

Categories: Education, Youth, Human Capital Development, Information & Communication Technology, ADF

20/05/2013 - Spanning at least 20 different countries across the African continent, nomadic peoples constitute about six per cent of the total African population, or some 50 million people. This large population, categorized into three major groups, as pastoralists, migrant fishing folks and farmers, has a common wandering lifestyle.

Categories: Nigeria, Education, Structural Transformation, Youth, Poverty Reduction

20/05/2013 - Les écoles publiques (primaire, collège et lycée) se multiplient à travers le territoire marocain, au plus grand bonheur des enfants – et des parents. Aperçu, avec le collège de Toualaa.

Categories: Morocco, Education, Human Capital Development

01/04/2010 - Given the shortage of health research, health personnel and health services, particularly in rural areas, the Government of the Republic of Benin sought to create a public health institute in Benin with support from the World Health Organization.

Categories: Benin, Human Capital Development, Education, Health

01/04/2010 - Built in 1997, the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) is the first technological institute to be built in Rwanda to train students in science, technology and engineering at the degree and diploma levels. KIST also transfers appropriate technology to the community.

Categories: Rwanda, Human Capital Development, Education