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Selected Projects

Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Kenya: Unlocking Development Potential for Inclusive Growth

12/08/2013 - Nakuru, Kenya's fourth largest city is a major industrial and tourist center. Prior to the AfDB Group’s intervention, unreliable water supply and sanitation services resulted in scaling down and ultimate relocation of industries...

Categories: KenyaWater Supply & SanitationHealth

Côte d’Ivoire: Emerging From Conflict Gender-Based Component of a Multi-sector Support Project

24/07/2013 - Problem: Gender Based Violence leaves insurmountable challenges for victims Côte d’Ivoire’s political crisis in 2001 worsened the humanitarian situation in the country and gender-based violence (GBV) grew to affect 67% of wom...

Categories: Côte d’IvoireGenderHealthHuman Capital Development

Pour un droit à la santé inclusif : l’expérience réussie dans une Kasbah au Maroc

19/05/2013 - Investir dans les soins de santé est à la base de la croissance inclusive et durable. Tel est le crédo de la BAD, mais aussi du Maroc, qui travaille depuis 2005 à favoriser l’accès de tous, notamment des plus démunis, à d...

Categories: MoroccoHealthHuman Capital Development

Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality Through Improved Health Care Delivery in Kampala

03/10/2012 - As many countries in Africa experience impressive economic growth, the continent has made significant gains in health such as an overall reduction in child mortality. However, gains made vary and certain segments of the population...

Categories: UgandaHuman Capital DevelopmentHealth

Benin-Regional Public Health Institute

01/04/2010 - Given the shortage of health research, health personnel and health services, particularly in rural areas, the Government of the Republic of Benin sought to create a public health institute in Benin with support from the World Heal...

Categories: BeninHuman Capital DevelopmentEducationHealth

Integrated Fight Against Aquatic Plant Proliferation in West Africa

27/03/2012 - Aquatic plant proliferation is an environmental scourge. These weeds invade waterways and irrigation channels, impeding their economic operation. Fishermen have suffered rising costs, and farmers have to spend more time cleaning t...

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