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Bank Group strategy

The objective of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) operations strategy is to make an important contribution to poverty reduction and economic growth of RMCs by increasing Bank’s role in extending access to ICT infrastructure, stimulating private sector investment and ultimately enhancing good governance, the efficient delivery of public services like education and health, thus contribute to the Millennium Development Goals.

To date, most of the Bank’s investments in the ICT sector have been fragmented, and lack clear strategic direction and sustained effort. Moving forward, the Strategy recommends that the Bank adopt a phased approach.

In the short run, the Bank concentrates on two pillars:

  • regional and national backbones -direct financing of broadband infrastructure and
  • enabling policy and regulatory environment - support to country’s efforts to attract private financing flows through improvement of policy and regulatory frameworks, with the overriding objective of bringing about economic growth and poverty alleviation. The experience that will be gathered would form the basis of a reassessment of the Bank’s role in ICT in September 2010.

In the medium term, the Bank would work towards stimulation of the demand for ICT networks and services by promoting e-government and connectivity to schools, universities, health institutions and through customized response to the needs of Fragile States, Low and Middle Income Countries.

The Bank Group operations in the ICT sector will utilize existing financing instruments, and enhanced collaboration and select partnerships will be necessary. The activities under the ICT strategy will be implemented within the broader regional and national development agendas and Bank’s priorities. In addition, the BankGroup’s ICT operations will be managed on the basis of a results-based logical framework and will include monitoring of key performance indicators.