Selected Projects

19/01/2017 - Au Sénégal, comme dans d’autres pays d’Afrique, l’accès aux infrastructures (routes, eau, santé, éducation, etc.) reste insuffisant avec de grandes disparités régionales. Les zones rurales sont encore fortement enclavées ; les 187 communautés rurales les plus enclavées au Sénégal sont dispersées dans 11 des 14 régions du pays, limitant ainsi l’accès aux marchés et rendant les coûts des intrants et de transport des productions agricoles élevés. Le Projet Pistes communautaires en appui au Programme national de développement local (PPC/PNDL) financé par la Banque travaille aux cotés des collectivités locales et partenaires techniques pour améliorer l’accessibilité des zones de production, ainsi que l’accès des populations rurales aux marchés et aux services socioéconomiques de base.

Categories: Senegal, Infrastructure

10/11/2014 - The Kankan-Kourémalé-Bamako transnational intercity highway is the single point of entry and exit between Conakry and Bamako. And since the work financed by African Development Bank (9 billion francs CFA) concluded in December 31, 2013, the new road has revolutionized the daily lives of thousands of people, including residents of the 9th district of Commune IV, in the western suburbs of Malian capital Bamako.

Categories: Mali, Infrastructure

14/05/2014 - La Banque africaine de développement (BAD) a participé le 20 avril dernier à Alger, en Algérie à une réunion de coordination portant sur la Route Transsaharienne (RTS), un projet qui s’étire d’Alger à Lagos. Son objectif est de desservir toute la sous-région du Maghreb et du Sahel sur une longueur totale de 9.400 km.

Categories: Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Integration

19/11/2013 - Rice production per hectare has tripled for farmers in South East Liberia, with yields up to 3tons per hectare for now, as compared with the traditional long-duration low-yielding, less than 1 ton per hectare.

Categories: Liberia, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Infrastructure, Fragility & Resilience, Food Production, Fragility & Resilience

07/11/2013 - Barely six years after Nigeria and Cameroon signed a Memorandum of Understanding that was to put their socio-political differences behind them, the Enugu-Bamenda Road Project linking the two countries is already showing signs of a positive impact in the region. In fact, the African Development Bank-financed project is a genuine success story, paving the way for regional integration and greater social cohesion.

Categories: Nigeria, Cameroon, Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Integration

19/09/2013 - Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti, stated “This (project) is to reduce significantly the cost of the energy bill that weighs as much on the competitiveness of our economy as on the living standards of our households.”

Categories: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Energy & Power, Infrastructure, ADF, Regional Integration

19/09/2013 - The project consists of the development of a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system in Abuja. The AfDB Group will leverage funding from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF). The project will contribute towards developing good quality public transport system in the city. Not only will this reduce reliance on cars, but will also provide affordable transport that increases the level of social inclusiveness.

Categories: Nigeria, Infrastructure, Transport, ADF

19/09/2013 - Within the current global energy crisis, interconnecting the regional electric energy networks is the best alternative to transfer expensive thermal generation into regional as well as international power markets.

Categories: Ethiopia, Kenya, Energy & Power, Infrastructure, Regional Integration, ADF

19/09/2013 - The Turkana Wind Power Project in Kenya will add 300MW to power generation capacity and will benefit Kenya by providing clean and affordable energy that will reduce the overall energy cost to end consumers.

Categories: Kenya, Energy & Power, Infrastructure, ADF

19/09/2013 - In a country where 84% of the population does not have energy access and where the geothermal potential is among the greatest in the world, the Menengai geothermal steam field development project will exploit a portion of this potential to provide power to about 500,000 households and 300,000 businesses. The project was approved in 2011 and is expected to be completed in 2016.

Categories: Kenya, Energy & Power, Infrastructure, Regional Integration, ADF