How to work with us

Eligibility criteria

  • An enterprise/project must be located and incorporated in the Regional Member Countries (RMCs) of the Bank, whether promoted by African or non-African investors.
  • An enterprise/project must be majority-owned (more than 51 per cent) by private-sector investors, or publicly owned with strong financial standing and proven managerial autonomy.
  • Projects for the establishment, expansion, diversification and modernization of productive enterprises (i.e. CAPEX). No direct financing of trade.
  • Investment size determined by Single Obligor Limit and other prudential considerations.
  • Maximum AfDB participation cannot exceed 33 per cent of total project cost for Greenfield projects; however it can be higher for projects entailing expansion of existing facilities. Minimum AfDB participation usually exceeds US $3 million or equivalent.
  • Evidence of strong integrity, good reputation and adequate financial standing.

Application procedure

To enable the Bank to promptly assess the eligibility of a project for investment, interested enterprises should submit a preliminary application covering, in general, the following information:

  • Description of the project (sector, location, production volumes, etc.)
  • Project description
  • Sponsors, including financial and managerial background
  • Cost estimates, including foreign exchange requirements
  • Financing plan, indicating the amount of AfDB financing desired
  • Key technical and environmental features
  • Feasibility indicators
  • Business climate, market prospect, including proposed marketing arrangements
  • Implementation plan, including the status of required licenses, permits, certificates, etc.

Having determined the eligibility of a project financing application, the Bank will initiate a full application review. To facilitate this, the Bank will require the following:

  • Feasibility study
  • Business plan
  • Environmental and social impact assessment (depending on the nature of the project)

Did you know

In 2016, total Bank approvals for private sector operations amounted to UA 1.93 billion, 24 percent higher than in 2015. The interventions in 2016 — co-financing, syndication, and strategic partnerships—have strengthened its capacity to leverage and crowd-in third-party investors. They also lifted the ratio of private co-financing to Bank financing to 6:1, against the target of 5:1.