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Bank Group vision

To address this situation, the Bank’s strategy focuses on two levels – national and regional.

At the National Level

Projects financed by the Bank should contribute to reducing infrastructure shortage, with a view to stimulating economic growth.

This objective is sought by:

  • Selecting projects according to their potential to contribute to economic growth.
  • Strengthening local capacity in managing and implementing projects, thanks to accommodating measures designed with the operations departments.

At the Regional Level

The projects should contribute to facilitating the exchange of goods and services between countries.

This objective will result in:

  • The financing of regional strategic projects and programs, conducted in close collaboration with NEPAD, the African Union and Regional Economic Communities. Programs identified and financed should contribute to regional integration and market expansion. Close attention is given to the size of operations in order to optimize the positive impacts and promote synergy among various activities.
  • The building of regional capacity to manage and implement operations.

At either regional or national level, emphasis is on the development of “Public-Private” partnership, with which to mobilize necessary financing to meet the needs.

Sectoral Priorities

Thus, in the light of these observations and the resulting objectives, the Bank was able to determine a number of sectoral priorities for the transport sector, deciding to focus its financing on:

  • Regional transport corridors
  • Rural roads
  • Structuring projects that permit the integration of different modes of transport
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance programs
  • Institutional and maintenance capacity building
  • Promoting public-private partnerships and multi-sectoral projects.

Of the UA 1.93 billion injected into infrastructure in 2007, UA 756 million (39.2% of the total) was allocated to the transport sector.