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Bank Group mandate

The Bank has a mandate "to contribute to the sustainable economic development and social progress of its regional members individually and jointly".

Based on this mandate, the Bank Group has developed a Vision, which has poverty reduction and development as a central goal. As one of the instruments for the operationalisation of its vision the Bank has developed a Strategic Plan which gives water high priority.

In order to address the impending water crisis, the Bank Group has made several interventions. The Bank adopted the Integrated Water Resources Management Policy (IWRM) in 2000; this was followed by the preparation of the African Water Vision (AWV) and the Framework for Action (FFA), implementation of the Water Partnership Program (WPP) and the Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Initiative (RWSSI) and hosting of the African Water Facility (AWF). The Bank has also been designated as the lead institution to assist NEPAD implement its Water and Sanitation Programme.

The various operational aspects of water which includes water for agricultureenergyenvironment and water supply and sanitation and are catered by the Agriculture (OSAN), Infrastructure (ONIN) and Water Supply and Sanitation Departments (OWAS) respectively. This web site focuses mainly on the operation of the Water Supply and Sanitation Department (OWAS) and the various initiatives it manages.