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Activities in Tanzania

Overview & key elements of interventions

  • The African Development Bank Group commenced operations in Tanzania in 1971.
  • Tanzania is the second largest beneficiary of the concessionary funding window of the Bank, the African Development Fund (ADF). The ADF has invested over USD 2 billion on concessionary terms for more than 98 operations in all sectors of the country.
  • In the water and sanitation sector, the Bank has financed 12 operations and 4 studies for close to over USD 250 million.
  • The Bank’s funding in the water and sanitation sector is fully in line with the Tanzania National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP, known by its Swahili acronym, MKUKUTA and the Joint Assistance Strategy for Tanzania (JAST) agreed between the Bank and Development Partners in 2006.The Bank’s current portfolio in Tanzania includes the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program while Phase II (2011-2014) for about USD 95 million. This investment is in Tanzania (Mainland).
  • The Bank also has another Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Tanzania (Zanzibar). This project was approved in November 2008 at value of about $50 million. The current intervention in Zanzibar is for both Urban and Rural sub-components. The AfDB support to RWSS focuses on increasing access to sustainable rural water supply and sanitation services.
  • A new Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project for Zanzibar was approved on 19 December 2012, signed on 11 March 2013 and launched in April 2013. The investment value for this intervention is USD $21 million.
  • Recent projects in the water and sanitation sector completed with AfDB financing include:
    • Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program Phase l (RWSSP l) for the period (2007- 2010) valued at USD 82.5 million.
    • Monduli District Water Supply Project with USD 23.27 million funding.
    • Dar es Salaam Water Supply and Sanitation Project with USD 58.38 million funding.

Recent and ongoing projects

  • On 15 September 2010, the Board approved an additional USD 95 million for the program. The RWSSP is a subcomponent of the national Water Sector Development Program (WSDP) with support from over twenty Development Partners.
  • The RWSSP focuses on the sustainable provision of water and sanitation facilities throughout rural Tanzania. At its completion in 2014, the program is expected to serve an additional 6.5 million rural Tanzanians with potable water and improved sanitation through construction and rehabilitation of boreholes, gravity fed systems, sanitation facilities in 264 schools, and sensitisation of the rural population (which is projected to result in construction of an additional 2 million household latrines by 2014). The RWSSP is financed by an ADF loan and the RWSSI Trust Fund grant. This program does not include the Zanzibar islands.
  • The Bank also approved the Zanzibar Water Supply and Sanitation Project in November 2008, at a total investment cost of USD 50 million, with USD 42 million AfDB contribution by way of an ADF Loan and RWSSI Trust Fund Grant.
  • The balance is a contribution from the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and UN Habitat.
  • The objective is the sustainable provision of potable water to the rural and urban population of Pemba and Unguja islands and to build institutional capacity of the Zanzibar Water Authority for Water Resources Management.
  • Upon completion, the project is expected to benefit over 95 000 people in rural Pemba, over 70 000 people in urban Unguja as well as about 276 000 students on both islands.
  • A new Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project for Zanzibar was approved on 19 December 2012 and launched in April 2013. The investment value for this intervention is USD $21 million

Latest update May 2013

Did you know

During 2014, the Bank Group approved operations in the water supply and sanitation sector amounting to US$ 390 million, including special funds transactions.

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