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Civil Society, Community Engagement and Social Innovation Division

The Bank is firmly convinced that the ambitious development goals for Africa can only be achieved through the active engagement, consultation and participation of civil society.

At the beginning of his mandate, President Adesina indicated the importance he attaches to reviving collaboration and partnership with civil society, and emphasized the importance of deeper engagement with it as a condition for the Bank to be able to inclusively deliver its High 5 priorities.

Civil Society Engagement falls under the purview of the newly established Civil Society, Community Engagement and Social Innovation Division located in the Gender, Women and Civil Society Department. It is responsible for leading the coordination of civil society engagement work and providing strategic guidance to the Bank on advancing its inclusivity and socio-economic impact.

The Division Manager and professional staff will be posted at Bank headquarters and additional staff members will be appointed as CSE Officers in the implementation teams being established in each Regional Office. Staff will be specialists who are experienced working with communities and civil society organizations to ensure social accountability on development projects and programs.