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The Framework for Enhanced Engagement with CSOs

As AfDB has evolved to focus increasingly on promoting poverty reduction through a participatory approach, with an emphasis on accountability, transparency, good governance, outreach and communication, CSOs should be an integral partner in the AfDB’s work on policies, programs and country operations.

The Framework for Enhanced Engagement with Civil Society Organizations builds on the lessons from two decades of practice to enhance the Bank’s collaboration with CSOs. It will help the Bank improve its interface and collaboration with CSOs by strengthening participation and partnership mechanisms. In this way, it will help the Bank improve the results of its operations on the continent. The Framework, in line with the Bank Long Term Strategy, is designed to strengthen and sustain the Bank’s engagement with CSOs – an engagement that will enhance the Bank’s programs and policy documents as well as mainstream and broaden the participation of CSOs in managing for development results in Regional Member Countries (RMCs).

The Framework for Enhanced Engagement with Civil Society Organizations is designed to structure the AfDB’s broader and deeper engagement with CSOs through three dimensions – outreach, dialogue and partnership – carried out at the corporate, regional/country and project levels. It support CSOs’ capacity building and strengthens efforts to involve CSOs in specific areas of the Bank’s work.