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In 2014, the African Development Bank provided USD 223 million and pledged an additional USD 300 million in April 2015 to help the three affected countries in West Africa – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone –   in their fight against Ebola and to rebuild their economies post-Ebola.

The AfDB has supported the World Health Organization (WHO) in the crisis response by providing essential medicines and equipment to fight the disease as well as emergency training of local health workers.  Jointly with the African Union and ECOWAS, the Bank has financed the deployment of Foreign Medical Teams to help contain the epidemic.

As part of its post-Ebola response, the Bank is preparing two new operations to strengthen health systems and restore provision of social services: (i) the establishment of an Africa Centre for Disease Control (CDC), and (ii) a post Ebola Livelihoods Restoration Project (PELREP).