Selected Projects

03/02/2017 - The Gambia continues to face escalating food and nutrition deficits, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA). As in most African countries, improved agriculture practices ensure food security, while agriculture itself is a prime source of income generation and poverty reduction for many rural households living below the poverty line.

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27/01/2016 - The Fatick region, population 613,000, is located 155 kilometres from the Senegalese capital of Dakar. A good illustration of humanity’s struggle against nature and climatic and environmental hazards, Senegal has – together with the African Development Bank, which is supporting the Project to Support Local Small-Scale Irrigation (PAPIL) – committed to winning hectares of salinized land back from the sea to use them for agriculture.

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14/08/2013 - The Lake Harvest Aquaculture project on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, financed by the AfDB Group, is the largest sustainable Tilapia fish farming in Africa. It creates jobs in Zimbabwe, particularly for women fish traders, and provides an important supply of affordable protein to the southern Africa region.

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05/08/2013 - Rwanda has been an economic success and has maintained a strong growth path averaging 8% per year over the last decade. Rwanda has made remarkable progresses on the Millennium Development Goals, particularly in areas of health, and in lifting one million people out of poverty (MDG 4, 5, 6).

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07/09/2012 - La modernisation du terminal à conteneur stimulera le commerce international et les activités exportatrices. Le temps d’attente moyen des navires en rade a été réduit de près de 15 heures à 2 heures pour les navires et de plusieurs heures à moins de 30 minutes pour les camions. Le Projet appuie le transfert de compétences d’un opérateur portuaire international de premier rang à la direction et aux employés locaux. Le Projet a contribué à la création de plus de 300 emplois.

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08/05/2012 - An example from Ghana. The Rural Enterprise Project (REP) aims at alleviating poverty, slowing rural-urban drift, contributing to the creation of sustainable jobs. The project also aims at addressing the low level of technology and productivity, low income and un-competitiveness in production, processing and distribution in agriculture. REP aims at addressing this deficiency through transfer of technology, thereby improving the low level of technology and productivity, as well as aiding in improving the low income levels of beneficiaries.

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