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ESG Principles


The AfDB, through its Operational Safeguards (OS) supports green growth by finding paths to development that ease pressure on natural assets. To achieve this, the AfDB mainstreams environmental and climate change considerations into its Country Strategy Papers (CSPs) and Regional Integration Strategy Papers (RISPs). The Bank also identifies and assesses the environmental impacts and risks of Bank lending and grant-financed operations in their areas of influence.


The AfDB strives to facilitate growth on the continent that is more inclusive, not just for equality of treatment and opportunity but to promote deep reductions in poverty and a large increase in jobs, particularly for women and youth. To achieve this, the AfDB also mainstreams social considerations into its Country Strategy Papers (CSPs) and Regional Integration Strategy Papers (RISPs). In addition, the Bank provides for stakeholders’ participation during the consultation process so that affected communities and stakeholders have timely access to information in suitable forms about Bank operations, and are consulted meaningfully about issues that may affect them.


In fulfilling its role as a trusted advisor and honest broker on the continent, the AfDB promotes initiatives which monitor public transparency and good governance. The Bank assists institutions that support inclusion and promote accountability by strengthening the capacities of parliamentarians, the media and civil society organizations. Internally, the AfDB has instituted a strong ethics compliance program which it executes through its Ethics office to mitigate conflicts of interest situations as well as ethical dilemmas and challenges. In addition to its Ethics Office, other recourse bodies such as the Ombudsman’s Office, Integrity and Anti-Corruption Office and the Staff Council, exist as mechanisms for staff related issues.