Partnership overview

Brazil became a member of the African Development Fund (ADF) and of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in 1982. Brazil supported the 2010 General Capital Increase VI and the ADF XII replenishment of the African Development Bank Group. The country’s pledge of US $15 million to ADF-XII represents an increase of 47 per cent from its contribution to ADF-XI.   

Brazil has emerged as a major player in the international development community, having demonstrated successful poverty reduction through sustainable economic development. Its contribution to ADF-XII shows its strong interest in working with the African Development Bank Group. With a view to sharing proven development practices and resources with other developing countries, Brazil has been pivotal in promoting South-South Cooperation. One third of its bilateral Official Development Assistance goes to Lusophone African countries. In addition, the country is strengthening ties with other Regional Member Countries such as Ghana, Mali and South Africa.

Joint initiatives

In June 2011, the Government of Brazil and the Bank Group signed an agreement to establish a new Trust Fund with an untied grant of US $6 million to promote South-South Cooperation with the Regional Member Countries. The objective of the Trust Fund is to facilitate the sharing of development knowledge, expertise and appropriate technologies between the Regional Member Countries and other developing regions outside Africa. Focus areas include agriculture and agri-business, private sector development, clean energy and environment, governance, health, and social development. As of April 2013, one project has been completed and nine projects are in progress with the total approved amount of approximately US $3 million.

In the recent years, several delegations have been conducted mutually to explore further collaboration between the Bank Group and Brazil particularly through the Brazilian institutions such as the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) in the areas of co-financing, technical cooperation and knowledge sharing. The Bank and the BNDES signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in June 2012 to explore collaboration in 1) agriculture and agro-industry; 2) infrastructure and transportation; 3) international trade; and 4) energy and biofuels.


Mr. Asano Tomoya
Executive Director, Brazil
Tel: (225) 2026 2013

Mr. Fernando Ledo Casablancas
Senior Advisor
Tel (225) 2026 2270

Mr. Tobias Florian Orischnig

Tel (225) 2026  4612

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