Partnership overview

The bilateral relations between Finland and the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group date back to 1973 when Finland joined the African Development Fund (ADF). Finland's subscription to ADF-XIII is worth UA 109.3 million (126 million euros), a 2 per cent decrease in UA from the level of ADF XII. The country's burden share represents 2.5 per cent of ADF-XIII.

Joint initiatives

The first Technical Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Finland, the AfDB and the ADF was signed in May 1988. The fund was replenished several times. The resources were used to finance services of consultants to conduct studies, technical assistance, appraisal or other project preparatory work in Regional Member Countries (RMCs). The focus areas of the Finnish Trust Fund are environment, climate change, adaptation and mitigation, science and technology related to renewable and clean energy, forestry management, evaluation and education.

  • The Finnish Consultancy Trust Fund financed activities in a variety of sectors, including Climate Change, Water and Sanitation, Infrastructure, Human Development, Private Sector and Agriculture.
  • Finland is co-financing a Small Scale Irrigation Project in Zambia with 9.5 million euros channeled through the Finnish Trust Fund. The project objective is to increase food production and household income.
  • Finland is supporting youth employability in Tunisia by sharing the Finnish model linking education/training institutions to the socio-economic environment through the Finnish Trust Fund.
  • Finland is also supporting a long-term gender and education expert in the Bank's office of the Special Envoy On Gender.


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Executive Director
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