Overview of Partnership

France is one of the main supporter of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group. In 2010, it participated in the Sixth General Capital Increase - getting at the time 238,916 votes in the AfDB Board of Directors, or 3.757% of the voting rights. France hosted the third meeting of the Thirteenth Replenishment of the  African Development Fund ("ADF-13") in Paris in September 2013.  It was the fourth highest ADF-13 contributor, with a subscription of 365 million Units of Account or EUR 420 million (8.35% share with a subscription up by 5% in Euro).

 France is pursuing an ambitious economic development policy, focused on infrastructure development, regional integration and support for Fragile States.  Security and environmental protection are at the centre of its priorities. 
Africa is one of the main recipients of French aid, which focuses on the fight against poverty and fragility. France also attaches great importance to the Sahel region.

France is one of the first countries to have strongly backed the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF). It also contributes to the Migration and Development Fund,  the African Water Facility (AWF),  the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative, the Secretariat of the "Making Finance Work for Africa" initiative and to a bilateral fund. France is financing two technical assistants with the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa and the AWF. It has an expert seconded to the "SE4ALL" Initiative and to the ALSF. 

France implements aid programmes through the French Development Agency (AFD) and Proparco, a member of the African Financing Partnership (AFP), an organisation dedicated to financing private sector projects in Africa.

An AfDB-AFD co-financing agreement was signed in November 2015. The objective of this agreement is to increase the number and volume of co-financing between the financial institutions and to pool expertise to meet the ambitious roadmap of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An AFD-AfDB seminar is also organised every year.


Mr Mariano MUNOZ-CARPENA, Executive Director representing France, Spain and Belgium, Tel: (+225) 2026 2023  

Mr Philippe NIZEYIMANA, Senior Advisor, Tel: (+225) 2026 2130

Mr. Abdenor BRAHMI, Advisor/Alternate Executive Director, Tel: (+225) 2026 2168 

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