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Background Information

Bilateral relations between the AfDB and UNAIDS were initiated in 2001, and subsequently amended in 2008. There are ongoing discussions with UNAIDS to strengthen collaboration between the two institutions. The areas of cooperation include:

  • Policy dialogue with regional member countries (RMCs) for including HIV/AIDS issues in national/sectoral programs and strategies
  • Collaboration with the AfDB on HIV/AIDS-related issues
  • Participation in the resources mobilization for project and program financing;
  • Assistance to RMC in collecting and analyzing data, as well as promotion of research in the HIV/AIDS  

Joint Initiatives

  • Collaboration through the Forum on Harmonization for Health in Africa (HHA) to provide support to governments in Africa particularly in the areas of Health and HIV/AIDS Financing
  • Collaboration on major initiatives including Value for Money to help demonstrate value for money in health sectors in particular, HIV/AIDS
  • Collaboration in the elimination of the Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) initiative and other HIV/AIDS interventions   

Formal Arrangements and Financial Contribution

No formal MoU. 
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Focal point for the relations with UNAIDS
Caroline Manlan
Principal Cooperation Officer
The Partnerships and Cooperation Unit (ORRU)
Tel: (216) 71 10 39 10