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Background Information

Bilateral relations between the AfDB and UNESCO were initiated in June 1969. The main areas of cooperation covered include: (a) technical assistance to regional member countries (RMCs) in the identification, preparation and appraisal of education projects; (b) implementation of technical assistance components of AfDB-financed projects in RMCs; and (c) exchange of information and participation in conferences/forums organized by either party.

Joint Initiatives

  • Collaboration to strengthen the education system capacity in RMCs, dialogue with RMCs and coordination in the field.
  • Education in fragile States (workshops on education in fragile States);
  • Collaboration in organizing joint HIV/AIDS education and prevention workshop, and participation in implementing technical assistance components of projects (e.g. the National Reproductive Health Program Support Project in Cameroon);
  • Environment and ecosystems management;
  • Collaboration on statistics and social issues.

Formal Arrangements and Financial Contribution

The first ADB/UNESCO MoU was signed in 1969 and amended in 1983.
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Focal point for AfDB-UNESCO relations

Djibril Diallo
Principal Cooperation Officer
Partnership and Cooperation Unit (ORRU) 
Phone :(216) 7110 2216