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European Commission

Partnership overview

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the European Commission (EC) are partners in the EUAfrica Infrastructure Trust Fund, the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa and the African Water Facility.

The EC co-finances with AfDB the preparation and publication of the African Economic Outlook. In June 2008, the EC, AfDB and the World Bank (WB) signed a tripartite agreement to enhance coordination and cooperation.
The cooperation between the AfDB, EC and the WB has been in such areas as:

  • Results Framework;
  • Budget Support and Public Financial Management, and
  • Infrastructure. Four Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries were initially selected to pilot the partnership at field level.

Currently, the three institutions are renewing the agreement with the objective of enhancing headquarters dialogue and focusing the areas of cooperation towards:

  • Budget Support, including Predictability and Fragile States;
  • Capacity Building in Fragile States;
  • Accelerating Regional Integration, including Infrastructure Development; and
  • Issues relating to Climate Change and Development.

Joint Initiatives

  • The EC has contributed to the funding of the African Economic Outlook (AEO) since the 2005/06 edition and it has committed to co-finance AEO until 2012.
  • The EC also contributed €25 million in 2008 to the African Water Facility.
  • EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (EITF): The EC established an EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund in 2007 with the participation of partner institutions such as AfDB, AFD, KfW, EIB and DFID. AfDB has joined its two governance structures:
    • The Infrastructure Steering Committee; and
    • The Project Financier Group (PFG). As part of the PFG, AfDB would be eligible to apply for grants from the Trust Fund. The AfDB has held Observer status since the establishment in 2007.