Bank Group Results Measurement Framework

The One Bank Results Measurement Framework (RMF) for the period 2013-2016 is a corporate management tool that will help the institution meet its development goals and new ambitions outlined in the Ten Year Strategy for 2013-2022. The RMF is a tool that brings together evidence of the Bank’s strengths and weaknesses so that Management can chart a course of action that helps the Bank implement its strategy in the most effective and efficient way possible. It is framed around 100 performance indicators organized into four interconnected levels, namely: Development progress in Africa (Level 1); AfDB’s contribution to development in Africa (Level 2); the Bank’s operational performance (Level 3); and its organizational efficiency (Level 4). This will further enhance the Bank’s ability to maintain high standards in delivering development results on the African continent. The Bank will systematically track performance at all four levels and report against the RMF in its Annual Development Effectiveness Review which provides context and additional analysis for these data.

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