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Development Effectiveness Reviews 2014

ADER-Annual Development Effectiveness Review 2014

Each year the African Development Bank publishes the Annual Development Effectiveness Review (ADER) to provide an overview of how it contributes to Africa’s development. The ADER 2014 is the fourth in the series, and explores the theme of Africa’s transformation into more fast-growing, and increasingly complex economies and societies. The ADER argues there is every prospect that Africa’s strong economic growth of the past 10 years will continue in the coming years.

The ADER addresses three broad questions:  What development progress is Africa making? How well is AfDB contributing to Africa’s development? And how well is AfDB managing itself to better support Africa’s development?With nine of the world’s 15 fastest growing economies in Africa, this continent is becoming a pole of global growth. By 2025, most African countries will have middle-class majorities – people who are in a better position to demand services and good stewardship of public resources. This shift, together with diversifying economies and improving governance, heralds a move towards self-sustaining patterns of development for Africa.

The African Development Bank is contributing to this transformation .The report shows how the Bank is playing an important role in addressing Africa’s need to leverage its recent growth performance into a more profound transformation of the economy and society. It outlines some of the key results achieved through the Bank’s interventions across the continent in infrastructure development, regional integration, private sector development, skills and technology, and governance and accountability. The ADER also examines the Bank Group's performance as a development organisation, indicating areas in which we have been most successful and those in which we need to do better. This is the first edition reporting against the new One Bank Results Measurement Framework 2013-2016.

Development Effectiveness Review - Energy

Energy is one of the most essential requirements for Africa’s development. In the 21st century, it is a matter of concern that over 620 million Africans still live without the benefits of an electricity connection. A reliable and affordable energy supply is key to generating the broad‑based and inclusive economic growth needed to make major inroads into poverty; it can transform the lives and livelihoods of Africans, helping them to take charge of their own development.

Energy is also a field of opportunity for Africa. The continent has significant share of the world’s renewable energy sources, of which only a fraction is under development. Africa has the potential to leapfrog over carbon‑intensive technologies and meet most of its future energy needs from renewable sources, putting it firmly on the path to green and inclusive growth.

The African Development Bank has therefore placed energy at the heart of its portfolio. Over the past four decades, we have invested over $13 billion in the energy sector, to boost generation capacity and rural electrification. 

We help African countries build modern energy sectors that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

We will support regional investments that link national electricity systems into regional power pools, to enable power‑sharing across national borders and promote more efficient regional planning of energy infrastructure.

Working closely with our member states and international partners, the Bank will help the continent and its people realise the vision of reliable, affordable and sustainable power for all Africans.