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Managing for Better Results

The African Development Bank, like other development agencies, measures success not by the amount of money we spend nor by the number of projects we implement, but by the lasting changes we bring to the people of Africa.

Measuring these changes is a complex undertaking. Over the past decade, our understanding of development has broadened. We recognize that economic growth is an essential part of the process; that it supplies households with livelihoods and opportunities and governments with the means to invest in public goods and services. But development is also about empowering people to achieve a range of needs and aspirations, including through education, better health, and membership in secure and supportive communities.

To achieve its goals, the African Development Bank has to be a learning organization committed to improving its operations continuously. Quality assurance and results processes provide us with management tools that help us with this learning process. Quality standards are implemented throughout our project cycle to ensure the best design and effectiveness of our operations, but also compliance with the Bank’s policies. Reporting and managing for results guides strategic decisions. Support to Regional Member Countries develops ownership which in turn maximizes the impact of our operations.

None of our development goals for Africa will be achieved overnight. But we must keep our operations under constant scrutiny to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. We must also provide member countries, partners and other stakeholders in Africa and around the world with information on our performance. As a development bank, we are committed to openness and transparency in our operations, and take very seriously our responsibility to be accountable for our results.