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Knowledge Products

Economic Briefs

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Analysis of Gender and Youth Employment in Rwanda (5.9 MB)


Economic Brief - Accelerating the AfDB’s Response to the Youth Unemployment Crisis in Africa (488 kB)


Jobs, Justice and the Arab Spring - Inclusive Growth in North Africa (1.2 MB)

Working Paper Series

Economic and Sector Work

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Africa Progress Report 2014 (3.7 MB)


Gabon - 2014 - Profil Pays - Ensemble pour bâtir le présent et mieux assurer l’avenir (6.4 MB)


Morocco - Analysis of the Education and Training Sector (1.0 MB)


How do we give the majority of Africans–the youth of Africa–hope? We do so by unlocking the potential of our market.

AfDB President

Did you know

In Africa, the youth constitutes about 37 percent of the total labor force, but make up about 60 percent of total unemployment.

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