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EOI – Senior Consultant to Support Agriculture Value Chains - AHAI


Working from the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) headquarter in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, the senior Consultant will support the teams working on Feed Africa initiatives and flagshipsnamely: The African Agricultural Value Chain Flagship (AAVC), the Fall Army Worm Control Initiative (FAW), Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT 7TAAT-S) program, the Post-Harvest Loss and Agro-Processing (PHAP) Flagship. In addition, the Technical consultant is expected to develop an explicit Bank-specific AVCD policy/approach which will include a common terminology; a consistent set of fundamentals, technical guidelines and toolkit to be used by operations staff provide value chain training at the division and complex levels and as required throughout theBank and support; provide strategic and tactical support and leadership to enhancing the Banks agribusiness with the goal of jobs creation and improving the lives within communities and support the Bank’s High 5s agenda.The senior consultant will work under the overall guidance of the Agribusiness Development Division Manager (AHAI.1)

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