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29/05/2017 - Your Excellencies, I wish to thank Prime Minister Gentiloni for inviting me to participate at this G7 Summit. It sends a major message: the G7 takes Africa seriously and sees the African Development Bank as a strategic partner. Let me thank you all in the G7 for your strong support for the African Development Bank.

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17/10/2016 - Your Excellency President Joyce Banda, Professor M.S. Swaminathan, the Borlaug family, John and Janet Ruan, the World Food Prize Laureates, Excellencies, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, and the future leaders in agriculture. I am delighted to be here with you all today. It is such a great honor for Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, President of the World Food Prize Foundation, to have invited me to be keynote speaker today. Thank you very much Ambassador Quinn, my dear friend; Professor Swaminathan; the Board members and staff of the World Food Prize Foundation, for all the great work you do. And congratulations as you celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the World Food Prize.

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15/04/2016 - Dear Sarah Brown, Executive Chair, Global Business Coalition for Education.

Dear Heads of delegations, Development Agencies, Business Leaders and Foundation Representatives; Distinguished Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen. All protocols observed.

I wish to thank Sarah Brown particularly for her invitation and her remarkable commitment to engage the business community in the equity and education agenda through strong, coordinated partnerships with the public sector and foundation actors.

Catégories: États-Unis d’Amérique, Education, Partenariats, Développement du capital humain, Le président

17/03/2016 - Dear Governors, Board of Directors, ADF Deputies, Observers from other development organizations, Bank staff, Ladies and Gentlemen.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the management and staff of the Bank Group, I welcome you back to Abidjan for this first meeting of the Fourteenth Replenishment of the African Development Fund (ADF). We thank our hosts, the Government of Côte d’Ivoire, for greatly facilitating the work of the Bank Group.

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02/09/2013 - The positive outlook for Africa is encouraging, but the continued risk of ongoing and new conflict remains. We must act now and we must act fast to support the issues that continue to cause fragility, conflict and put at risk the post-conflict state building and peace-building process. The High Level Panel on Fragile States will provide us with directions that are needed, answers to questions that are recurrent, solutions that work, and a future for Africa that we all want – free of conflict and fragility.

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25/05/2013 - As we look to the next half a century, Africa’s most important agenda item will be to unlock its internal market because the megatrends of demographics, urbanization, natural resource discoveries, technological advances, climate change and food security will impact Africa broadly. Funding this effort will be primarily internal, with international donor finance coming in as support.

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31/01/2013 - At a time when the global economy is searching for good opportunities, cooperation between India and Africa offers an excellent vehicle.

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06/11/2012 - Is the current economic momentum sustainable? Is it inclusive enough? Does it lead to transformation of African economies? The starting points for lifting Africa out of poverty will be: dealing with the nature of the state and its relationship with business; pursuing broad based, inclusive growth through agricultural productivity and quality education; and removing the infrastructure bottlenecks.

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03/04/2012 - Africa remains the second most unequal region in the world, after Latin America. Six out of 10 most unequal countries in the world are in Africa. The quickest way to inclusive growth is through accessing quality education, especially for children of the poor.

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09/06/2011 - As the Bank reverts to its traditional mission, new challenges appear, such as governance deficits in North Africa. Fundamentals in Sub-Saharan Africa remain favourable in the medium term; we must maintain inclusive growth there through strong, accountable institutions. Corporate reform, climate change and food security remain important to the Bank’s agenda.

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