Division Développement du personnel et formation

The principal activities of the Staff Development and Training Division (CHRM.3) are to design and implement staff development and training plans to ensure that the Bank staff have at all times the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies and that they are continuously being developed for performance excellence in their current jobs and future responsibilities. The division takes the lead for and coordinates the implementation of the Bank’s performance management system. The division is also charges with the responsibility for charting out career paths and planning for career succession. The division will ensure that each and every staff is accorded and receive full consideration for developmental opportunities to enhance their competencies, leadership skills and for career advancement.

These activities are detailed as follows:

  • develop and manage a high performance Bank human resources training and development programs that enables staff to continuously learn and acquire new skills and competencies that enhance performance and productivity;
  • undertake comprehensive training needs assessment in liaison with Managers and Staff of the different organizational units;
  • foster an environment that stimulates, recognizes, appreciates and rewards good performance; promotes constant feedback and encourages open dialogue; encourages team work and fosters trust and mutual respect while requiring individual and collective responsibility;
  • manage and administer the such performance management system that is centered on the objective of skillfully evaluating and managing employee performance;
  • identify and provide relevant training and professional development opportunities that create an environment, which enables employees to thrive;
  • develop and maintain a comprehensive career management program that assures staff of personal growth and satisfaction with their jobs;
  • develop meaningful career opportunities where growth potential exist within each job family;
  • develop and manage mechanisms for tracking, reporting, and ensuring accountability regarding the outcome of staffing, training, placement, and other developmental actions;
  • arrange periodic focus group and town hall meetings with staff and managers to review developments and progress related to human resources management strategic goals;
  • develop and maintain a sound communication and an up-to-date human resources information system to facilitate timely attention and to serve as a basis for internal communications and decision-making process on human resources within the Bank;
  • enhance the application of the performance management system management decision-making and widen its use to include career management; promotion; transfers; separation and staff training and development;
  • ensure that learning programs and materials are designed, developed and implemented; and conduct measurement and evaluation of training conducted to ensure program effectiveness;
  • assist staff to assess their competencies, values and goals so that they can personally implement development plans and take responsibility for their own development and career growth;
  • develop and provide training interventions and interpersonal skills to help staff change and sustain change; and participate in training and coaching of staff and managers;
  • develop and provide induction programs to new staff and assist in their integration into the Bank and conduct coaching and mentoring programs for newly appointed managers;
  • maintain and manage a database of skills profiles and competencies of Bank staff;
  • administer and manage internal mobility and transfers to ensure efficient use, allocation and redeployment of Bank resources. Manage and process confirmation of probations and contract renewals and conduct exit interview with all departing Bank staff.

Key Interactions

Internal interfaces

  • Bank management, line managers, and staff about consultation for ensuring that people are managed, developed and utilized efficiently and effectively in support of the Bank’s mission accomplishment in accordance with the merit system principles;
  • Staff about consultation on such as career development, and educational and training needs including career guidance and counseling;
  • Managers and staff about consultation on performance (mainly for both high and poor performers);
  • Managers and staff in giving assistance to identifying and meeting the training needs focusing on strategic development issues that enhance individual competencies and improvement of organizational performance;
  • Compensation and Benefits Division in developing and proposing varied rewards and performance based recognition systems;
  • Heads of Departments/Units in conducting training needs analysis, work and job analysis;
  • Vice Presidencies and Directors by providing expertise and consultancy services in the areas of staff development and training.

External interfaces

  • quality training institutions where Staff can be referred;
  • various institutions to develop client focused tailor made course and training materials;
  • other international financial institutions and other organizations in identifying areas of exposure and organizing and arranging learning placements for staff;
  • other MDBs, educational institutions, and professional bodies in order to establish contacts to ensure training practices remain up-to-date.