Division Planification du personnel et Recrutement

The principal activities of the Staff Planning and Recruitment Division are to develop and implement policies and strategies that will ensure recruitment and selection of high quality employees for the Bank and to anticipate, forecast the staffing needs of the Bank and plan for their filling. The division has a coordinating role of all organizational units with regard to their staffing needs both in terms of numbers and competencies and organizational design and structures.

These activities are detailed as follows:

  • undertake analysis of the Bank’s organizational units to ensure that positions are relevant and appropriate so that the staff recruited and appointed to those positions have the necessary competencies, training and experience for the job. The division undertakes a continuous assessment and review of positions in line with the changes and reforms in the Bank;
  • develop and implement staff planning methodologies and systems to provide an institution-wide profile of required skills and competencies mix;
  • develop the best means to attract, hire and place the highest caliber of employees in order to assist in the accomplishment of the Bank's mission of excellence;
  • develop and pursue effective internal, external and outreach recruitment strategies with a wide variety of professional competencies, educational backgrounds, and employment experiences to assure a continuous pool of talented and diverse job candidates;
  • implement transparent, fair and equitable policies and procedures and that all recruitment, hiring, placements, transfers and promotions are made on the basis of individual merit , qualifications and competencies for the position;
  • engage in meaningful recruitment efforts that will lead to increases in the number of female and young talented people employed in the Bank;
  • develop and maintain an effective recruitment search and research capacity and an international network of recruitment sources geared to meeting the Bank’s needs for regular and short-term staff;
  • define and maintain a staff inventory on the type and number of resources needed (staff number and skills and competency requirements) to meet the Bank’s institutional goals, and elaborate a strategy and plan to satisfy the identified needs.

Key Interactions

Internal interfaces

  • all Departments/Units in the Bank with regards to the above detailed activities of the division;
  • Managers by helping them to foresee the need to acquire, develop and replace staff in order to fulfill work program requirements and meet institutional objectives;
  • CIMM in the reviewing recruitment processes with a view to introducing new methodologies for acquisition of staff as well as new IT tools.

External interfaces

  • develop partnerships with other MDBs on the current state of art on staff acquisition and best practices;
  • identify and enlist external employment search organizations;
  • collaborate with high skill training institutions to identify young talented potential employees.