15 NOVEMBRE 2007

11:30 - 13:00

Session A1: Intégralités de genre
Gender Earnings Differentials and Power: Some African Evidence
Presenter: Tayo Fabusuyi

Gender Inequality and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa and Arab Countries
Presenter: Mina Baliamoune-Lutz / Mark McGillivray

Session A2: Les négociations commerciales et l'aide pour le commerce
Aid for Trade – Prospects for Enhancing African Trade Capacity
Presenter: Stephen Adegoke Olanrewaju

L’aide au commerce dans les pays en développement : des articulations complexes pour une efficacité réelle
Presenter: M. Huchet-Bourdon/Anna Lipchitz/Audrey Rousson

Session A3: Micro-Finance
Importance de la microfinance dans le financement des microentreprises au Togo
Presenter: Kodjo ABALO

Outreach and Financial Performance Analysis of Microfinance Institutions in Ethiopia
Presenter: Befekadu B. Kereta

Session A4: Monétaire et financière

Measuring bank efficiency in developing countries: the case of WAEMU (West African economic monetary union)
Presenter: Sandrine Kablan

Réformes Financières et Rentabilité du Système Bancaire des Etats de la CEMAC

Session A5: La compétitivité entre Afrique et Asie
Africa’s Business and Development Relationship with China: Seeking Moral and Capital Values of the Last Economic Frontier
Presenter: Prof. Lawal Mohammed Marafa

Is that a Dragon or Elephant on your Ladder: The Potential Impact of China and India on Export Led Growth in African Countries? ]
Presenter: Mwangi wa Gĩthĩnji


14:30 - 16:00

Session B1: L'inégalité de genre
Des inégalités de genre à l’indice de qualité de vie des femmes
Presenter: Valérie Bérenger/Audrey Verdier-Chouchane
Promoting Women’s economic empowerment in Africa
Presenter: Yeshiareg Dejene

Session B2: Micro-Finance
Factors influencing the financial sustainability of selected microfinance institutions in Namibia
Presenter: Jonathan Adongo/Christoph Stork

Social Performance Evaluation of the Microfinance Institutions in Mozambique
Presenter: José Augusto Tomo Psico / João Ferreira Dias

Session B3: Monétaire et financière
; Effects of Financial Integration on Financial Development and Economic Performance of the SACU Countries
Presenter: AZIAKPONO Jesse Meshach

Fuite des capitaux, épargne et investissement en Zone Franc Africaine : Une approche économétrique par les données de panel
Presenter: Ameth Saloum NDIAYE

Session B4: Finaancement

Détection de l’occurrence d’une situation de surendettement dans le cadre des PPTE africains : Quelle position pour la Chine ?

Financing African Agriculture: Issues and Challenges
Presenter: Walter Odhiambo

Session B5: Commerciales
Examining the level, mix and deficiencies in skills-upgrading among South African manufacturing enterprises in the late 1990s; skill-upgrading as basis for enterprise development and for addressing equity issues
Presenter: Dr Wise MAINGA

Preparing African Countries to benefit from continuous International Trade Negotiations and Complex Agreements
Presenter: Bonapas Onguglo/Aimé Murigandé/Emily Mburu

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