16 Novembre 2007

10:20 - 11:35

Session C1: Convergence en Afrique

Les Communautés Economiques Régionales au sein du NEPAD, Quelles Perspectives pour un Développement Economique et Social Durable en Afrique ?
Presenter: Septime MARTIN
Why doesn’t Regional Integration Improve Income Convergence in Africa?
Presenter: H.B. Hammouda/S.N. Karingi/A.E. Njuguna/M. Jallab
Session C2: Agriculture et Crédit Rural
Rural Credit Markets in Uganda: Evidence from the 2005/6 National Household Survey.
Presenter: Ibrahim Kasirye

The effects of displacement on the economic development of a community with special reference to the! Xun and the Kwe
Presenter: Ms. Talita Dalton-Greyling/Prof. Lorraine Greyling

Session C3: Industrie et Difficultés Commerciales
AGOA: The Case of Ethiopian Textile Sub-Sector
Presenter: Rahel Abebe

Empirical Analysis of Tariff line-level Trade, Tariff Revenue and Welfare Effects of Reciprocity under EPAs with the EU: Evidence from Malawi and Tanzania
Presenter: Evious K. Zgovu / Josaphat P. Kweka

Session C4: Compte Extérieur et Dette
Gestion de la dette extérieure et Efficience Productive des Pays en Développement
Presenter: Imed DRINE/Mahmoud Sami NABI

Institutional framework and Diasporas’ Investments in Developing Countries
Presenter: Georges Bertrand TAMOKWE PIAPTIE

11:35 - 12:50
Session D1: Santé et Education de l'Enfant

Health Expenditures and Health Outcomes in Africa
Health inequities in selected African countries: Review of evidence and policy implications
Presenter: G.Mutangadura/A.Gauci/B.Armah/E.Woldemariam

Session D2: Politique Macroeconomique
Challenges and Opportunities of Evaluation in Fostering Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Presenter: Albert-Enéas Gakusi / Alice Sindzingre
Une bonne politique économique pour le renouveau de L’Afrique
Presenter: Ferdinand Bakoup

Session D3: Industrie et Difficultés Commerciales
The Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) Framework for Strategic Collaboration in Trade and Investment between Africa and Asia
Presenter: Nicholas N. Gouede

Trade Reforms and Real Convergence in CEMAC
Presenter: Daniel Gbetnkom

Session D4: Compte Extérieur et Dette
Oil and Challenges of Trade Policy Making In Sudan in a Globalizing Arena
Presenter: Mehdi Shafaeddin

The Impact of High Oil Prices on African Economies
Presenter: Hafedh Bouakez/Désiré Vencatachellum

14:10 - 15:25

Session E1: Politique Macroéconomique
Challenges and Opportunities in Community Based Dryland Natural Resources Management
Presenter: Meshack Malo / Jeff Odera / Thomas Ochuodho

Macroeconomic policy space and African economies: An empirical sifting through reality and rhetoric
Presenter: Angelica E. Njuguna/Stephen N. Karingi

Session E2: Gestion des Ressources
Does Community Driven Development Work? Evidence from Senegal
Presenter: Jean-Louis Arcand / Léandre Bassole

Stabilité du pouvoir politique et rente pétrolière dans les Etats africains [Document: 173 KB]
Presenter: Omgba Luc Désiré

Session E3: Accords Commerciaux
Are the Conditions and Requirements for a Regional Trade Arrangement (RTA) Fulfilled by African Regional Trade Arrangements? A Case Study of COMESA
Presenter: Babatunde Omilola

Post-Conflict Economies in the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements: A case of Sierra Leone
Presenter: Olumuyiwa B. Alaba

Session E4: Climat d'Investissement et Développement des Compétences
Private Investment for Structural Transformation and Growth in Africa: Where do Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Stand?
Presenter: Harry A. Sackey

Transport Infrastructure and FDI: Lessons from Sub Saharan African Economies.
Presenter: B Seetanah

Session E5: Compte Extérieur et Dette
Current Account Deficits in Sub-Saharan Africa: Do they Matter?
Presenter: Patrick Osakwe/Sher Verick

Dette extérieure et Financement du développement économique de la Guinée
Presenter: Baïlo DIALLO

15:45 - 17:00

Session F1: Gestion des Ressources
Changement institutionnel et développement durable : Vers une nouvelle gouvernance du développement locale et de la gestion des ressources naturelles
Presenter: Elloumi/Sghaier/Dhehibi/Kadhkadhi

Partenariat public privé et accélération de l’atteinte des Objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement en Afrique
Presenter: Nicolas Ponty

Session F2: Accords Commerciaux
The Costs of Rules of Origin in Apparel: African preferential exports to the US and to the EU
Presenter: Alberto PORTUGAL-PEREZ

The Economic Partnership Agreements: Rationale, misperceptions and the non-trade aspects
Presenter: L.Curran/L.Nilsson/D.Brew

Session F3: Climat d'Investissement et Développement des Compétences
Determinants of Entrepreneurial Activities and Returns: Evidence from The Gambia
Presenter: Ousman Gajigo

Economic Development as Problem Solving: A model of Guns, Germs and Steel
Presenter: Yaw Nyarko

Session F4: Dette et Compte extérieur
FDI Contribution to Technical Efficiency in The Tunisian Manufacturing Sector: A Combined Empirical Approach
Presenter: Sofiane GHALI/Sami REZGUI

Reserves Accumulation in African Countries: Sources, Motivations, and Effects
Presenter: Adam Elhiraika/Léonce Ndikumana

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