10:00 – 11:00 10h00-11h00 Plénière d’ouverture – Leadership de l'intégration régionale


The purpose of this Panel is to examine how best Africa should examine its emerging strengths, in terms of human resources, strategic positioning and political will, to raise the socio-economic welfare of its people in a rapidly integrating world.

  • What is the most effective way to promote Africa’s political and economic needs today and in the years ahead within a fast-changing global economy?

The Panel will also examine the question of the role of leadership (that is informed, steeped in Africa’s collective needs and standing, and also visionary) for pushing Africa’s role in the emerging multipolar world.

  • What are the implications for its leadership of Africa’s emergence as a growth pole in its own right?
  • Which approaches will ensure the most benefit in international trade negotiations on transparency, tariffs and non-tariff barriers?

It has been said that “all politics is local.”

  • How is African leadership transcending the local and the national (the so-called temptations of nationhood) in favour of region/continent to enhance competitiveness and growth?
  • What role are supranational structures playing in enhancing regional integration?
  • How are they helping Africa respond to the challenges and opportunities in the global economy?
  • Regional infrastructure and regional public goods are a crucial element of regional integration.
  • What role can governments play in extending regional infrastructure—transport, power and telecommunications—as part and parcel of regional economic development?

L’Intégration de la main-d’œuvre africaine

Si les pays africains veulent opérer la transformation structurelle et l’intégration régionale, les travailleurs et les talents africains doivent être à même de considérer les opportunités d’emploi et d’envisager le transfert de compétences entre des industries différentes et entre plusieurs pays.

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