Prof. Richard Joseph

Richard Joseph is John Evans Professor of International History and Politics at Northwestern University and Non-resident Senior Fellow in Global Economy and Development at the Brookings Institution. As a Fellow of The Carter Center, he participated in democracy and peace initiatives in Ghana, Zambia, Ethiopia, Liberia and Sudan.

He has written extensively on issues of democracy, governance, and political economy. His selected books include Radical Nationalism in Cameroun (Clarendon Press, 1977), Democracy and Prebendal Politics in Nigeria (Spectrum Books, 1987) and edited books, Gaullist Africa: Cameroon under Ahmadu Ahidjo (Fourth Dimension, 1978), State, Conflict and Democracy in Africa (Lynne Rienner,1999), and (with Alexandra Gillies) Smart Aid for African Development (Lynne Rienner, 2009).

He served as Principal Investigator of the Research Alliance to Combat HIV/AIDS (REACH), a collaborative program in Nigeria, 2006-2011.

Dr. Joseph completed his B.Phil at New College in 1969, and his D.Phil in 1973 at Nuffield College, both of Oxford University.

He has promoted access to knowledge in Africa as a university lecturer in Sudan and Nigeria, the publication of his books in affordable editions, and digital scholarship via AfricaPlus and Northwestern’s Arch Library. Many of his articles, essays, and lectures since 1977 are being re-published at Arch in an online volume, The Nigerian Crucible: Politics and Governance in a Conglomerate Nation, 1977-2017. A collaborative study of these issues across Africa since 1987, Freedom Gates: Building Peace and Democracy in Africa, is underway. He also hopes to establish an African Governance Learning Network.

“The Bank is fully engaged to enhance transparency in resource use and management, governance in the public sector, the rule of law and building institutional capacities and frameworks for investment.” – Akinwumi A. Adesina, President, AfDB Group 

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