10 must-read economics stories of the week, 09/11/2018

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Welcome to your weekly update – a curated list of some of this week’s most interesting stories on economic growth, human and social development. This week, as the Bank’s first Africa Investment Summit comes to a close, we look at investment across the continent.

1 - US companies made more investments in Africa than any other country in 2017. The number of American FDI projects in Africa increased by 43% to 130 in 2017 - nearly twice that from the next country, according to a new report. (Quartz Africa)

2 - Britain ‘upping its game’ in trade, investment in Africa. Britain’s High Commissioner to South Africa details Britain’s post-Brexit plan to do business across the continent. (IOL.com)

3 - OpEd: Africa’s infrastructure gaps are an investment opportunity waiting to happen. As the continent restructures its debt, shifting global trade relations, Africa’s rising incomes and young demographics, make investment in African infrastructure increasingly attractive. (Business Day)

4 - Unlocking Africa. The world’s potentially largest opportunity for data centre investment in the near future (Data Economy)

5 - Connecting Lusophone Africa: “Are the African Portuguese-speaking countries ready for investment?” Startup and venture capital tracker Wamda says there is a growing allocation of funding towards impact investment in that region. (Wambda.com)

6 - Seychelles launches world’s first ever blue bond worth US$15 million. Raised from investors, the bond will finance ocean-based projects, to expand its marine protected areas and boost its fisheries sector. (Africa.com)

7 - War Tamed, the world’s youngest nation faces new hurdle - luring vital investment. Why South Sudanese authorities, eager for investment after a five-year civil war, vowed to meet international companies’ needs for foreign exchange. (Bloomberg)

8 - Russia failing in efforts to invest in Africa. 15 years have elapsed and not much significant have been achieved, experts say. (Modern Diplomacy)

9 - Reality Check: Is China burdening Africa with debt? BBC’s Reality Check breaks down myth from reality. (BBC News)

10 - Realizing the full potential of social safety nets in Africa. New report the number of people living in poverty continues to increase, indicating poverty will remain an obstacle in the region even if Africa continues to exceed growth expectations. (Brookings Institute)

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