10 must-read economics stories of the week, 25/05/2018

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Welcome to your weekly update – a curated list of some of this week’s most interesting stories on economic growth, human and social development.

1. Here is how fast China’s economy is catching up to the United States. Bloomberg charts the two economic giants. (Bloomberg)

2- The New York Stock Exchange appoints its first female president in its 226-year history. However, women hold just 4.6 percent of CEO positions in S&P 500 companies. (CNBC)

3- The first investment fund aimed at encouraging gender diversity among UK firms has been launched. It will score and rank companies according to four different measures, including women on the board. (BBC News)

4- Is Facebook ignoring the needs of users in emerging markets? Having appeared in front of panels in the UK and US, Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t addressed the rest of the world that consists of 72% of Facebook’s user base. (Business Insider India)

5- Is China creating dependency among developing countries? Two researchers break down the criticism. (Daily Star)

6- Health centers without water, sanitation and soap in low and middle income countries are contributing to thousands of deaths and risk global rise of antimicrobial resistance. Details in new WaterAid report. (WaterAid)

7- Greece moves closer to emerging from bailouts. A delegation from the European Commission, the European Central Bank - the eurozone's bailout fund - and the International Monetary Fund reached a technical agreement with Greek officials. (MarketWatch)

8- How Turkey fell from investment darling to junk-rated emerging market. Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes high interest rates are the cause of inflation, not the remedy for it. (The Economist)

9- News agency issues extensive report on “True Cost of Financial Crime.” It reveals some surprising perceptions of Middle East and North Africa financial markets. (Gulf Times)

10- Leapfrogging won’t solve Africa’s economic woes. Africa should follow the tried-and-tested route of using manufacturing to achieve growth. (Daily Maverick)

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