10 must-read economics stories of the week, 22 March 2019

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Welcome to your weekly update – a curated list of some of this week’s most interesting stories on economic growth, human and social development.

1 - Job losses feared in sweeping away low pay in UK. Campaigners want more rises in minimum earnings amid warnings of ‘big unknowns’. (Financial Times)

2 - Inequality Is Holding Economies Back. Education Could Be One Solution. Countries where lack of opportunity mix with high inequality see slower growth. (Bloomberg )

3 - The Blind spot in the trade debate. An increasingly important component of global trade and US is scarcely mentioned: Services. (Project Syndicate)  

4 - What Alan Krueger taught us? Krueger’s contributions to the field of economics and, more broadly, to policies that affect the lives of all Americans. (NPR)

5 - How the Green New Deal Is Forcing Politicians to Finally Address Climate Change. (Time)

6 - Development financial institutions grapple with their growing role. The prominence of Development financial institutions and their role in attaining Sustainable Development Goals. (Devex)

7 - Scientists warn the rising intensity of extreme tropical weather is expanding to more cities. (Quartz Africa)

8 - The Fed’s rate-raising days are over. Wall Street couldn’t be happier. Investors finally chasing this years’ stock market rally after the Federal Reserve’s sharp turn away from steady rate increases. (The New York Times)

9 - Go-Pay sets out to 'strengthen' its digital wallet presence in cash-reliant Indonesia. The company of mobile wallet Go-Pay is planning to tap the massive potential of Indonesia's electronic payment market. (CNBC)

10 - Irrigating Africa: can small-scale farmers lead the way? Study shows that Farmer-led irrigation proportionally cover more area than formal irrigation schemes do at a provincial level. (The Conversation)

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