Sebutosoe Nkoanyane Cornelius

Sebutsoe holds a Master of Commerce degree in Economics from the University of Stellenbosch and Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Statistics from the National University of Lesotho. Prior to joining the Bank, he worked as a Capital Market Specialist at the Central Bank of Lesotho in their capital market development division. His main tasks were to oversee the development of the issuance of the first government bonds. He also held part-time lectureship positions at the National University of Lesotho teaching Monetary Economics and Development Economics. He joined the Bank in November 2011 through the Young Professionals Programme and did his rotations in various departments being: the Capital Market and Financial Operations (FTRY 1) division, the Environment and Climate Change Division (ONEC 3) and the Office of the Special Envoy on Gender (SEOG). It is during his time in ONEC 3 that he dealt with social assessment and safeguards on some of the Bank’s projects. He currently is training officer in the African Development Institute’s Policy Management Division dealing with capacity building for regional member countries.

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