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Empowering women and girls in the quest for universal energy access for all

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Soazic Elise WANG SONNE - Netherlands 30/09/2016 07:04
Dear Sohna,
It is with a great interest that I read your article on the nexus between gender and household energy use. I am PhD fellow at United Nations University in Maastricht currently working on those issues in my research and I would be very keen to collaborate with you on these matters. I am also a former research fellow at the African Center for Gender of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
Patriot Ocheya Patrick Ekre - Nigeria 25/08/2016 20:57
we're fully in support of women and youth empowerment.
Patriot Ocheya Patrick Ekre - Nigeria 25/08/2016 20:52
it's quite incredible mission only thing that can salvaging the developing countries from its present predicament of insurgence and terrorism activities especially country as ours Nigeria is to wholesomely involves women and youth in the country affairs and considering their input in policy formulation and this is one area of priority for our Organization; African Vulnerable Welfare and Egalitarian Society of Nigeria (AVUWESON) we will be honor to work with your firm, hope to hear from you shortly. thanks.
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