Roundtable Themes

  1. Climate finance for Africa: African experiences with climate finance and development to date, the envisaged future for development in relation to climate finance, including the Africa Green Fund v. other sources of finance and tax revenues to invest in climate adaptation for example.
  2. Low carbon development and energy access for Africa: Current state of energy access in Africa, and the future for a low carbon energy development and wider energy access to energy services.
  3. Hydro-meteorological services, water resources and disaster risk management for Africa: Under this theme, discussions will address the relationship between these issues and development in the context of NEPAD.
  4. Climate adaptation and investments in climate resilient development: What climate adaptation means for Africa’s development agenda, including sectoral investments in climate resilience (e.g. in infrastructure and planning).
  5. Agriculture and food security across Africa: Progress in Africa in food security, and the climate change challenges to be addressed to ensure future food security and development.
  6. REDD+, forests and development across Africa: The situation and prospects for REDD+ in Africa, in terms of contributing to development, attracting climate finance and required institutions and capacities.
  7. Climate change and security: Implications to human security of climate change and the required remedial and precautionary interventions.

Roundtable background material for discussions will be compiled from the papers being solicited in preparation for the Climate and Development in Africa Conference being held in October, and from the institutions leading the organization of each session. CCDA summaries will be available on the thumb drive being prepared for the Pavilion and on the materials table.

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