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1996-2005 - Morocco - Evaluation of the Bank’s Assistance


Morocco is one of the major clients of the ADB window as it represents 16.6% of the allocation of net total commitments per country. The portfolio size is larger than other ADB regional member countries including Tunisia (16%) and Algeria (10.2%). Morocco’s cooperation with the Bank began in 1970, but OPEV’s Country Assistance Evaluation (CAE) focused on the strategy implemented by the Bank between Bank produced three Country Strategy Papers (CSPs) based on three strategic pillars: (i) support for macroeconomic and sectoral reforms; (ii) strengthening infrastructure; and (iii) improving efforts targeting poverty reduction and human resource development. Morocco’s 2000-2004 Economic and Social Development Plan (PDES) served as a guideline for the Bank’s CSP. OPEV’s CAE evaluated the efficacy of the Bank’s assistance to Morocco, with a view to drawing useful conclusions and offering sound recommendations for the next CSP cycle.

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