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1999-2009 - Morocco - Evaluation of Policy Based Operations in the AfDB


Morocco has made considerable advances in development in the past decade. An extensive reform programme focussing on social and economic transformation has been pursued by the Government of Morocco (GoM). Donor aid represents only a small portion of financing to the Government (4-5%), but has seen a steady increase over the past decade, from 1.2% of GNP in 2000, to 1.6% in 2006, and an estimated 5% in 2010. Whilst grant disbursements were the predominant form of aid at the beginning of the evaluation period there has been an increasing focus on loans and General Budget Support (GBS). In 2002 GBS constituted about 12% of total aid disbursements and this has increased to 20% in 2007 and 2008. This reflects the strong preference of the GoM for this aid modality. The GoM has encouraged coordination and donor partners (DPs) involved in policy-based lending operations are now coordinating their activities more closely in terms of preparation, appraisal and supervision. This trend of greater coordination coincided with the establishment of thematic groups in many key sectors. Efforts have also been made to identify clearer complementarity and areas of added value for each donor.

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