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2005 - Lesotho - Country Gender Profile


The Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) of the Government of Lesotho (GOL) is the national development framework and medium term plan covering the period of 2004-2007 with the Medium Term Expenditure framework (MTEF) facilitating a link between the PRS and the annual planning and budgeting process. The PRS recognizes gender as one of the three critical cross-cutting issues for poverty reduction in Lesotho. The Bill of Rights of the Lesotho Constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex but exempts customary law from the non-discriminatory principle. Consequently, customary law, common law, policies and practices severely limit women's access of ownership, and control of benefits of land and other strategic resources in inheritance and marriage. Women married in community of property are unable to register property in their name, to contract, litigate, dispose of assets, or act as executives of a deceased estate. These laws and practices together with the gender division of labour limit women's decision-making power, access to social services and political participation.

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